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Facciola in Berlin: a multisensorial experience in the heart of Kreuzberg

By venerdì, gennaio 15, 2016

Michele Tombolini, Butterfly pic by @facciola staff

Write about Facciola is not at all simple: this place goes beyond all possible definitions. Not a restaurant, not a bistro, much more than a Wine Bar: the Facciola is a real way of life!
The owner of the restaurant is Aurora, young Italian girl degree in cultural marketing who, after an experience as a sommelier in Berlin, few years ago has chosen to undertake this adventure.
The first step for Aurora was to spend some time around Italy, holding direct contacts with wine producers all over the country: here is the secret for the elegance of selection and the amazing taste of wines They are proposed to Facciola.
The restaurant, which officially opened in January 2015, immediately has attracted the attention of Food lovers and wine lovers; also the choice of using food and wine that come entirely from Italy it's allowed Facciola to receive funding from the Chamber of Commerce of the Piedmont region and to become an official partner of the region of Sardinia.
The philosophy of Facciola is to communicate through a fusion of contemporary art and gastronomy: a plot that makes wine and cooking elements of a broader synergy with sociality and genuine love for the underground art; for this reason, in the main room it's a mural opera drowed by Michele Tombolini titled Butterfly.
Just from this contamination arise events that almost every week animate the evenings of Facciola: the local becomes a real cultural hub, where good wine and tasty dishes are accompanied by musical selections, meetings with artists, tastings and more . The day of my visit to Facciola for example, it places a "weinissage" with wines of Valpolicella explained masterfully by Livio, Veronese DOC and excellent sommelier: a truly fantastic experience!
weinissage "Valpolicella" pic by @facciola staff
To help Aurora in the management of the restaurant there is Federica, who is responsible for the promotion and the organization of events, while in the kitchen there are Sebastian and Ilaria, both Romans of birth and Berliners by adoption, that will delight you with dishes in perfect balance between tradition and innovation, made with 100% Italian ingredients.
Warm, familiar atmosphere in a cozy and intimate space, a varied and friendly clientele, a unique design that mixes street art and minimal decor: These are just some of the features that make the Facciola a true multi-sensory experience!
The Facciola space are located in the heart of Kreuzberg, one of the most popular neiborhood in Berlin, always been the cradle of critic culture and multi-ethnicity, a short walk from the metro station of Gorlizer park.
To conclude the review, here is a taste of the delights that can be tasted at Facciola: the Chef Ilaria gave us the recipe for the chocolate cake warm-hearted .. Really delicious! To enjoy this and other succulent dishes and sipping good wine in a warm and crackling atmosphere, the address of Facciola is Forster Strasse 5. To stay current on events weekly instead you can see the Facebook profile of the local:

Ingredients: (for eight patties in cups of about 8 cm diameter)

200 g dark chocolate
180 g butter
100 grams of sugar
40 grams of flour 00
4 eggs
icing sugar for dusting patties

Melt in a double boiler butter and dark chocolate.
Transfer the liquid mixture into a bowl and add the sugar, then the flour
add eggs one at a time and blend with a hand blender.
Grease the muffin cups and sprinkle with cocoa powder.
Pour a ladle (approximately) of compound in each baking cups, so as to fill approximately the situated half
put the patties in the freezer to rest for an hour
turn the oven to 200 degrees and cook for about 15-18 minutes (cooking time depending on the oven) and control them all the time, to avoid the risk of not getting the effect of the warm heart
remove from oven and flip the patties on a plate, sprinkle with icing sugar and decorate with fresh berries.

enjoy your meal!

(The patties may be stored raw in the refrigerator for 4-5 days, or may be stored in the freezer)
choccolate cake warm hearted pic by @Facciola staff

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